3D Printing

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Harshit Agarwal

While the existence of multiple dimensions may be confusing for some, there are people who like to play with it. These people are nothing less than magicians, having mastered the trick of changing dimensions. They may not have a magic stick, but the instrument they use is as magical as the stick. 
This Technozion is ready to be awestruck. 3D objects will turn 2D before your eyes. The objects that you scribbled on a piece of paper will come alive. This Technozion is ready to witness the magicians we were talking about, The masters of 3D Printing.
Excited to know who these masters are? They are Think3D. Like Hogwarts was to magic, Think3D is to 3D Printing. Like Nimbus was for magicians, their printers and scanners are for 3D printing. And like Harry was for wizards, Technozion is for the college fests. Enough hype created, right?
Think3D is ready to take you on a wonderful journey of 3D printing. Are you ready to embark it? If not, then you might miss on the wonderful works that they will give away as freebies.
Technozion is here!!