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It is a known fact that intelligence of students in many Govt. schools is often not encouraged. But there are students in those Govt. schools who can create wonders with their intelligence and interest. All that they need is a little support.

INSPIRE is such a programme designed by Govt. of India to support talented students in Govt. schools. It involves funding one student from each school to develop his own ideas in Science and prepare a model for it. We, Aashayam – to literate India’s volunteers of NIT Warangal assisted technically those students in creating their project.

“Technozion Impact(AASHAYAM)” involves an exhibition of selected INSPIRE projects during Technozion ’17. Every year, it happens that thousands of students from various reputed engineering colleges attend Technozion, South India’s 2nd largest technical festival. This exhibition provides a chance for detailed study of these projects by students and eminent professors and offer their suggestions to further improve strength of the project, which will be a great benefit to the school students. This also motivates the students to further improve their thoughts and develop more scientific projects which will be useful to society.

AASHAYAM’16 was a success which involved exhibition of 25 best INSPIRE projects for two days. It was visited by many students (570+), professors and guests who offered their valuable suggestions for the improvement of the projects. Thus, we were able to achieve our aim of this event, if not completely, at least partially. Continuing this, AASHAYAM ’17 is planned with 50 best INSPIRE projects. This is not just an exhibition. This is a platform for each one of us to motivate those young minds which accounts for the development of science and thus India.

At least 5 best projects from each district will be invited to take part in this event. The exhibition starts on the morning of first day of Technozion ’17 and continues till the evening of second day. At the end, all the projects will be assessed by distinguished professors of NIT-W and winners will be decided.