Alchemy Of Metals

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Harshit Agarwal
Syed Khader Hussain
Shashidhar Gangavarapu
Hareesh Pakala

Just like humans, materials also have an enigma of handling the situations depending on the rigour they go through. Just like
how we are moulded, forged and casted to armor our self from the abrupt changes in the environment; materials too exhibit a
plethora of indefatigable resilience to the incongruent chances they are exposed to. 
If you’d ever wondered how a material can change its properties just like how a chameleon changes its color to adapt to its
situation or if you’d ever wondered how tuning some electronic arrangements can adhere to the behavior of materials, then
you’re at the right place. 
Let us together explore the undeciphered properties they possess. 
Exhibits from students, which bring out the inherent beauty of materials science will serve the purpose of their existence. 
Come along with your enthusiastic peers and grab this opportunity of making the unheard words of the materials resonate.

Topics included are:
1. Aero Gels
2.Bulk Metallic Glasses
3.Color Changing Materials
4.Electro-Caloric Materials
5.Ferro Fluids
6. Flexible displays
7.Invisibility cloaks
8.Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys
9.Metallic Foams
10.Piezo Electric Materials
11.Quantum Tunneling Composites
12.Self-Cleaning Materials
13. Self-Healing Materials
14. Shape Memory Alloys
15. Smart Organic Polymers
16.Smart Putty
17. Stealth Materials
18. Super Conductors
19.Thermo-electric Materials
20.Transparent Conductors
21.Transparent Metallic Glasses
Any other functional material can be added to above list. The exhibit should be of working prototype.

Conditions of approval:
1. Abstract.
2. Poster on material description.
3. Video of working prototype of material to be exhibited.
These should be sent via mail to:

1. The system fabricated should be functional and the material used should be properly displayed.
2. The best exhibits will be judged based on the uniqueness and innovation in the idea, design and functioning.