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Korrapati Venkata Ramakrishna
Meghavath Sashidhar
Vanguri Praneeth
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Minimum Members: 1   Maximum Members: 4

  1. It will be an event full of fun, entertainment, excitement and of course, technology. It will be open for all.
  2. The game will take place in different stages. First, will be the elimination round from which we could eliminate the underdeveloped bots. Next, the teams will be arranged according to their performance in the elimination round and further send  to the main event.
  3. Also, we would like to conduct seminars for our juniors and every other person interested.

Problem statement:


To build a manually (remote) controlled robotic arm on a movable bot that can collect a ball at a time and carry it to a specified area on a varying terrain.

  1. The bot is allowed to carry only one ball at a time.
  2. Depending upon the no of participants, the judging committee will decide how many teams will qualify for the main event.
  3. In group event, the teams will be grouped according to the points they scored in elimination round.
  4. The grouping criteria will not be disclosed. Each group will have two teams. From which One will proceed to the Main Event.
  5. This event is same as elimination round but there will be a zig-zag track to be traversed.
  6. In Main Event the track will have one or more slopes (less than 30 degrees), terrain can be rough or smooth. It can also have balls in pits which the bot has to collect.
  7. In this there will be balls of different color which has to be collected in the box of corresponding color.
  8. Total time provided for this event also is 5 or 10 minutes.
  9. There will be blocks at different positions on which the ball will be kept, on slope and few balls will be kept on ground also. The points will be different for different positions.
  10. Two teams will play at a time and track specifications and positions of ball will be same for both.
  11. In main event also there will be check points and it will have the same rule as given in the elimination round.

Bot specifications:


  • Bot must not exceed 300mm x 300mm x 400mm as l x b x h in dimensions at all times when its stretched . 
  • The weight of the robot must not exceed 10kg including switchcase(i.eremote) and battery.
  • The size of the robot cannotbe changed in any of the further rounds.
  • The robot may be wired or wireless. In case of a wired robot, the wires must remain slack at all times during the Game. 
  • The machine will be checked for its safety before the race and will be discarded if found unsafe for other participants and spectators. 
  • The organizers reserve the rights to change any of the rules as they seem fit. 
  • The machine must not be made from Lego parts, or any ready-made assembly kits. Readily available chassis layouts are not allowed. Any machine having a ready-made chassis will be disqualified.

Elimination and Group round:

For each ball collected and deposited in the respective pits 20 points will be awarded, i.e. for 4 balls total points will be 80. Time provided is 5 min. Bonus points will be awarded for the bots which will complete the task in less than 5 min.



Main Event:

  1. For the ball placed  in the pit1 , points allotted is 15.
  2. For the ball placed  in the pit2 , points allotted is 40.
  3. For the ball placed  in the pit3 , points allotted is 70.
  4. For the ball placed  in the pit4 , points allotted is 100.
  • Bonus points are provided if task is completed before the given time and points varies with time left.

What should be the height/length of the arm?
A:The arm should not exceed 400 mm when stretched completely in vertical. (The height of the chassis from ground is included in this)

Q.What is the size of the ball?
A:Ball will be of medium sized (table tennis).  made of plastic (usually made for small children)

Q.Is it necessary to use 4 wheels in Bot?
A:It’s not mandatory to use four wheels, it depends on the participant, if they can make it with 2 wheels also its ok. But it should not be more than 4



Q.What is the dimension of the box in which the collected ball has to be deposited?
A:The box will be basically medium sized cartoon box (mainly used for storing/transporting materials), height can be 250-300 mm depending on the availability.

Q.Which motor will be used for definite direction rotation?
A:Servo, stepper depending on efficiency, cost and other factors.