Artificial Intelligence with Neural Networks

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Day 2 (28th Oct'17) :  09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

                                      2:00 PM- 5:00 PM



We know what the word ‘Intelligence’ concerns about. It is the ability to perceive, understand, predict and manipulate to solve problems. Have you ever thought what if machines acquire this human capability of intelligence and start performing human tasks which require intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence, the game changer in the IT industry makes this distant dream a reality and we TECHNOZION’17 brings you a workshop on ‘ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE’ where you can find all the answers you were searching for in this mind-numbing topic.
Gear up as we explore the concepts of neural networking, machine learning and much more.

It's a ONE day workshop taken up by the eminent faculties from the Computer Science department of NIT WARANGAL.

Morning session (9-12am)

1. Introduction - Intelligent A g e n t s – Architecture of Intelligent Agents.

2. Machine Learning a subfield of AI - Learning agents - learning from examples.

Designing a Learning system using Adaline Neural Network which learns from experience.

3. Artificial Neural Networks - Perceptron- its Learning algorithm; application to a problem, Demo of Perceptron.

Afternoon session (2-5pm)

1. Adaline –Gradient Descent and the Delta learning rule – its derivation.

2.Multilayer feedforward neural network – Backpropagation learning Algorithm, Derivation of Backpropagation algorithm – Convergence, Local minima, Generalization, Overfitting, Stopping criterion, Face Recognition application case study.

3. Genetic Algorithm- representing hypotheses, Genetic Operators, Fitness function and using Selection, Crossover and Mutation operators with Genetic Algorithm for Hypothesis space search; Gabil’s method for designing a classifier; Demo of Genetic Algorithm for application to a search problem.