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Prashanth Kumar
Atul Munda
Shivam Rajapathi
Mrigank Verma
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Minimum Members: 2   Maximum Members: 2

People here we present THE BAFFLED MINDS , first time in this year’s Technozion. We won’t go bluffing about our event saying that it is one of a kind but for sure it will blow your minds off.

Be ready to experience something new, something which you haven’t thought in your wildest dreams. You will live your old memories going back in time and as well make new ones to cherish and remember.


Shout YES like you actually mean it.

Come see what it feels like to build with your imagination with limited resources, knowledge, wits and presence of mind. 

Round 1: The Serpent’s Pass

Here you will unlock new destinations by unravelling the path.  More the points you score more the no. of moves you get and hence getting ahead in map of others.  Here your moves will be controlled by the way you answer our questions.

Round 2: Stack em cup

Here participants have to make tower using cups . (Some twist)

Round 3: Remembranza

It will be a pictorial round, all you have to do is keep your eyes open and mind too. This will be followed by a game of numbers (Between finalists).

  1. Come in teams of two for round 1. Further teams will be split and grouped as per the round requirement.
  2. If found cheating you’ll be disqualified.
  3. Judges’ decision will be final.
  4. No prior information will be given about upcoming rounds. It will be a surprise.

Round 1

8 teams will be selected based upon points scored or minimum time taken to reach the end point. Priority will be given to team who will be ahead of others after the completion of questionnaire. Questionnaire will be full of fun having G.K. questions and logical questions.

Round 2

Teams will be selected based upon the time taken for the building of towers, in case no one figures it out how to construct the tower a quiz will be conducted and based on that quiz teams will be selected. In this round team will be of 4 members, we will randomly group the previous team of 2 members. In this only one team (team of 4 members) will be selected for next round.

Round 3

 This round has to be given individually.  The one scoring more points will be selected for final round. Final round will also have to be given individually. It will be a surprise round!!!

Ques: Is this event branch specific?

Ans: This event is open for all.

Ques: What this event is about?

 Ans: It is based on imagination as well as presence of mind and knowledge.

Ques: How can we register?

Ans: You can register at the TZ site or directly register at the site of event.

Ques: What is the registration fee?

Ans: No registration fee.

Ques: What we have to bring like laptop or any other things?

Ans: Just come with a pen. No need of bringing laptop, papers.