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Haven’t we many a times been lost in the beauty and brilliance of how nature solves a problem it encounters. Many a times such instances might also have sparked inside you a thought process which would have made you come up with an excellent process or strategy to solve your day to day problems. That is exactly what BIO MIMICRY is. It is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. Come, attend an event where your knowledge on nature allied inventions are tested and also get to present your own idea or innovation for a next-gen process. Let’s mimic our way to greatness.

PROBLEM STATEMENT:  Identify the various bio mimicry ideas that are already available. Also come up with your own personal bio mimicry idea which has to be presented in front of a judge.


There are three rounds.

Round 1: Basic aptitude test consisting of objective and some subjective questions which test logic, reasoning and analytic prowess.

Consists 2 sections -    

Section 1: General analytical and aptitude based questions in objective format.

Section 2: Questions that test your basic biological knowledge especially in bio inspired technologies.

ROUND 2: This round contains questions based on available Bio mimicry processes and devices. Pen paper based round where participants have to answer questions posed to them. Three types of questions will be asked.

  1. Video/Photo would be shown and objective questions based on them will be asked.

  2. A set of 2 photos would be shown and bio mimic relationship between each of them has to be described.

  3. A Photo/Video would be shown and whatever bio mimicry ideas that participants get has to be described. This is a bonus question and would be considered in case of ties in scores.


ROUND 3: Participants have to prepare and present their specific bio mimicry ideas in front of a judge. They should also submit a document describing their ideas consisting of name of the idea, brief description, source of inspiration, detailed mechanism of working. The presentation must describe the idea and must explain the following points:

  • Introduction to problem statement

  • Whether the idea is a novel one

  • Description of source of inspiration(organism/ mechanism)

  • Description of Working

  • Teams must consist of only two people.

  • Each round has TIME LIMITS. Round 1:15-20 questions, 45 mins;    Round 2:20 questions, 40 mins, 2 mins for each question;                 Round 3:5 mins for each presentation.

  • Presentation and document has to be prepared and submitted by the team before the start of third round.

  • Novelty/Innovation-10

  • Practicality/Feasibility-10

  • Description-10

  • Quality of presentation-10

  • Questionnaire-10

Note: The document is for future reference and it is not considered for judgement but it is mandatory to submit one.