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As much as studies are synonyms with students Drinking and Smoking are also equally acquainted with students, if not more on these contemporary times. As we keep on developing, the lifestyle slowly transcends to the western style throwing many into the pool of liquor and suffocating smoke. Though the thrill they offer is insurmountable, the effects are equally portentous in the long run. To be precise the smokers and drinkers are amateur swimmers jumping into a sea of alcohol or entering a room of thick smoke, both of which are fatal.


Though many efforts are being made about the inevitable cancer caused by smoking and damages to liver due to excessive drinking, there is not much change among those addicted. To successfully eliminate the fandom towards these, the awareness must start from a micro level ie. from the parent's and teacher's way before students incline towards these habits. They should be constantly monitored and their expenses must be thoroughly scrutinized without hampering the economic freedom. Also, a drunkard or smoker will not ruining his life, but of his family. So a sense of responsibility must be built up in them at an early age, inculcating rich family values and relationships which will certainly serve as a barrier from addiction. Since there are pretty good chances of lifespan reducing and inefficient performance in our day to day lives, habituating and fostering strong goals will make them strive to achieve them and divert from the evil addictions.


TECHNOZION is striving it's best to educate students about these ill effects and eliminate them from their lives. Thus Technozion is contributing its part by organising many programmes on a large extent to bring awareness to the maximum possible extent.