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Kirti Vysani
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Minimum Members: 1   Maximum Members: 3

  • Circuitrix is an electronics event which will utilize your knowledge in analog and digital electronics for designing and implementing circuits.
  • Participants will have to design efficient circuits for given problem statements using their knowledge on electronic concepts and circuit theory knowledge. Then implementation of the given circuit should be done using required electronic components and devices.
  • Make “circuitrix” your own platform to synchronize your theoretical knowledge and practical skills blended with imagination power to produce an efficient output.

Come in teams of 4 and enjoy the circuital mania !!!!!

Round 1:  

Picomania(40% Weightage)

A fun-filled event where a set of images depict the names of components. Be prepared for brain teasing pictorial clues to blow your minds away !!!

Judging Criteria: Teams will be judged by the maximum number of right guesses,additional bonus points for answering other teams questions when not answered will also be considered.

Shipwreck 2.0 (An electronic version of Shipwreck 1.0) (60 % Weightage)

Our circuital arrangement has undergone a huge breakdown shock!!!!!!!!! and we are undergoing a risk. Can you be the element which will fix our issue ???!! ,convince our panel and get to be a part of our circuit which will rectify the issue ,hence qualify the round. 

Judging Criteria: Teams will be judged on mimics,basic electronic knowledge,application of the knowledge at right times , convincing skills and spontaneity.

Round 2:

Memory play:

Experience the glimpse of several electronic components. The challenge is to identify and remember their names which will fetch you space in our ship sailing to the next round.

Guess the hero of the story:

Are you all set to go through a brain-tickling adventure involving electronics?? All you need to do is, listen to our personified narrations about the heroes of the show- the circuital elements and identify them, acquire them and wait for surprises in store.

Round 3:

Puzzle it out:

Assemble puzzle pieces ,i.e circuit elements in this scenario and complete the circuital puzzle according to given problem statement .Teams will be judged based on their creativity and presentation skills.



  • The number of members for a team is limited to a maximum of 3.
  • All decision of judges and event coordinators shall be treated as final and binding to all.
  • Any malpractice is strictly treated and is submitted to the technozion disciplinary committee.
  • Spot registrations are available.

Q. Do we need to bring anything for the competition?
A. NO. All the components including the required tools and instruments will be provided.

Q. Do we have to pay for it?
A. NO. It’s completely free.