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Minimum Members: 1   Maximum Members: 5

Engineers are humans. Humans are creative artists. You see the connection! Use your engineering skills, not for reasoning but for art. Build creative contraptions with unexpected mega climaxes. Play with water. Bend the path of fire. Light everything up in vivid colors. Let your imagination go out of control and justify the art “Contraption” as a creative engineering event, inviting models of tech spectacles from students. Step up with a unique design of a Meticulous Contraption with freaky special effects and make this Tz’17 the biggest hit of all the tech-fests across the country.  Be ready, coz' this time Technozion is going to give you a chance to build your art and experience the thrill of rolling marbles or falling dominos and enjoy of journey of energy conversions!
Innovate! Build! Execute!

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Round 1: Qualifying round

  • This will be a qualifying session with each team getting atmost two chances of presentation of their contraption.
  • Top 10 teams with maximum score adhering to the rules and regulations of the event will be qualifying for the second round.
  • The duration of the round will be 3 hours.
  • Two qualifying rounds will take place on different time slots on the same day.

Round 2: The finale’

  • The difficulty level and complexity of the contraption will be increased in round-2.
  • The duration of the event will be 3 hours.
  • Top three teams will be awarded with prizes.


Materials to be provided-

This is the maximum material that can be provided to a team. Please take only when it is needed,

and return back what is not used. Do not waste any of the materials. You may be penalized

otherwise. Please keep surroundings clean.

1 Cutting blades, 4 Paper cups, 1 Cardboards, 5-10 Rubber bands, 10 Straws, 10 ice cream sticks, 3

Balloons, 5m Thread, 10 Paper pins, 1 bottle Fevicol, 1Tape, 5 Marbles, ½ Thermocol, 20 Tooth pics.

  • Contraption has to operate for at least 30 seconds and 120 seconds at the most.

  • The contraption should be as firm as possible.

  • Each team can have maximum 5 members.

  • A space of 10 ft.*10 ft. will be provided to each team.

  • The minimum number of energy conversions needed to achieve your goal must be 6 (six).

  • Hand touch is allowed only at the start then every hand touch will reduce points.

  • Participants are allowed to bring the accessories if they find it needful on their own accord also.

  • Use of any dangerous or poisonous chemicals, combustible or explosive substances, high voltage or animals in the contraptions is forbidden.

Total number of items involved in the contraption  *  2
( the items do not include the supports or mounting used)

Total number of different steps  * 3
(If a step is repeated then no. of repeated steps * 1 ) (eg: Repeating Newton cradle or Domino again )

Each Vertical Loop: 10 pts
Maximum Width of the object going in the track divided by track width * 10 pts

Extra points: 
If the contraptions follows a specific theme (eg: Flow of time - a contraption showing the improvement in technology by gradually changing the materials used as the contraption progresses) -35 pts

If the contraption conveys a specific message -20 pts

If contraptions has a Loop in the process (The Process coming back to the previous step but following a different path this time) - 20 pts

For parallel contraption - 20 pts (extra 10 pts if the parallel contraptions synchronize)