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"There are three responses to a piece of design- Yes, no, Wow! Wow is the one  to aim for". Hey folks, what's up? Living in this world are you creative enough to take anything around you and make use of it? Yes we all are! So,why not design such stuffs and being innovative enough to connect these things and make a new one?


Come and showcast your talents becoz this year TZ'17 lands you to one of the unique & enthusiastic competition "Designomania"

Prove yourself to be the best & crush your opponents with your designing skills! Lets your designing craze dominate your fellow competitors.


  • Designomania is the Designing event where you have the chance to showcast your designing skills and and your practical & technical knowledge against the best colleges of India.
  • The participant has the liberty to design in any of these three softwares. It is upto them where he/she wants to design. But "What to design?" You will get to know on spot
  • Open for all. No branch/dept restriction.


  • ProE/Creo


  • Round 1:



Here, Part Modelling in general means create a virtual prototype of an Item. Consider an engine of a car.  It has hundreds of parts. Each part be modelled separately and then can be assembled together to get the engine's final form. This is part modelling. The model that has to be made would be provided on the spot. The participant has the liberty to design in any of these three softwares( Solidworks/ Catia/ProE or CATIA) It is upto them where he/she wants to design.


  •  Round 2:

                   ANIMATION & QUIZ

By Animation, it means if we take the Solidworks or ProE or Catia, it  enables you to animate your design in order to explain its function and assembly, as well as how it fits with related products. Like Showing a video is an extremely powerful way to communicate across languages and between technical and nontechnical people. Similarly an animation for an assembled products enables us to understand it functioning and the degrees of freedom for each of its component. This feature is available in the above software packages and the candidates have to analyse and apply the animations according to their imagination and the given problem statement .


The quiz is to be followed after the animation round.

  • Criteria 1) Accuracy of the Assignments.
  • Criteria 2) Minimum time taken to complete the whole task.
  • Criteria 3) Minimum no. of steps taken

Judging Criteria:

The participants will be given points on the basis of above three criteria. More the time taken , more no. of steps ,lesser accuracy , MORE WILL BE THE POINTS . The one with LESSER POINTS will be the winner.

The creativity & simplicity in designing the models, doing the assembly with animations will be awarded appropriately . This will be decided at the time of the event by the Event Managers & experts by viewing their designed models.The quiz will be extremely practical  so no need to prepare for it separately. You will feel designing while solving the quiz.

Q:  I have my own laptop. Can I use it?

A:  No, we will provide you the system. Carry a  pen or paper as per your wish.