Escape The House

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Tanya Srivastava
Ankita Sarkar
Neha Tantway
Shubhangi Priyadharshini
Rohan Sarap

Whats the first key you see at the upper-left corner of your keyboard? Yes, the escape key.
Whenever you start off working with any idea, the foremost thing you envisage is- what if something goes wrong? How can you escape from that situation? 
Even in life, we always think of finding a escape from all the worries, perplexities  and vexations . Be it an escape from those boring classes, assignments ,exams or our fears; we always try to decipher the situation, interpret , elucidate and thus find the way to be out of it. Thats how we escape to freedom, happiness and a better world. So, this TZ why don’t we just escape the ordinary and the humdrum? Thus, here we are with something thrilling that will test your acumen, agility and acuity.
What if you are locked in a thrill space with your team and you have just a few minutes to use logic, solve puzzles, find hints, and prove the power of team work to pave your path to freedom. Just imagine a house with dark rooms, with clues hidden in them at several places, the clock ticking against you, the only door for exit being locked and your hiked despiracy to reach to its key before  time kicks you out!! Its as easy as its hard.. everything you need to escape is inside the room waiting to meet your eyes! Just analyse, interpret and conclude! 
Did that give you chills up to your bones? Technozion 2017 promises to present you the same adventure through one of its most awaited attractions- “The Escape House”.
There is a famous saying-“The hardest prison is in your mind.”But ironically, this time you will be using your mind to find the escape. We ensure you that it is going to be all the more fun than it sounds to be. So, do you want to go with us in this exciting yet thrilling adventure this TZ?Come guys, lets find the “key” to escape.