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Sohail Khan

Out smart the enemy with a well placed grenade and watch them explode into quivering bloody giblets in mini militia.

Get in the driver’s seat of the most sought-after race cars, tune your ride, win races, become the most wanted.

Play alongside some of the best players in the region,and dribble your way to victory in FIFA.

Show-off your Counter Strike skills and well executed team play to dominate your opponents.

The annual Tech fest of NIT Warangal- Technozion, provides all the gamers an enthralling platform
to put together all their energy and display their gaming prowess.
Technozion’17 presents to you GAME DOME - the virtual battlefield for epic clashes between the best teams in the region.
Prove yourself to be the best and crush your opposition in FIFA, Counter Strike, NFS and Mini Militia.

Victory is yours, its all waiting for you! Just press the play button!


Round One

    Each half: 4 minutes (lowest time setting). Winner from each match progresses to the 2nd round.

    Wildcard Round: This will be held in case the total number of competitors participating is less than 48. Best losers (based on goal difference) play each other. Winners of these matches progress to round 2.

    A minimum of 24 people progress to round 2.

Round Two

    Players are divided into 8(minimum case) groups of 3.


    Quarter final will be in knockout format. 4 players progress to the semi finals.

Semi finals and Finals  

    Semifinal will be in knockout format. Half time will be increased for all matches on Day 3.



 For each Round, there will be a toss to decide which map to play. Winner eliminates 1 map, the opponent eliminates 1 map, and the remaining map shall be played.

    There will be a knife round to decide the side (CT/T). A maximum of 10 games will be played in each round. Each team plays 5 games as CT and 5 games as T.

    First team to win 6 games wins the map and the round is over immediately.

    If both teams have equal wins in any map , toss will be held to choose sides and round will be continued till any team gets a lead of 2.

    Whether the round will be elimination or league format, it will be decided depending upon number of participating teams.

Round One

    Round 1.1 : In each race, four gamers race against one another in a random circuit. Top two from each race progress to Round 2.

    Round 1.2 : Third place racers from Round 1.1 race against each other. Each race consists of 3/4 participants. Winner proceeds to                                 Round 2


Note: Wildcard Entry racers play against the losers in this round.


    Race Specifications:

           Sprint Race

           Circuit Length < 10 km.

           Circuit Race (3 laps)

           Circuit Length > 10 km.


Round Two

    Round 2.1: Each race consists of four participants competing in a ‘knockout race’. Winner progresses to Round 2.2.

  Race Specifications:

Knockout Race

Length of Circuit > 10 km.

    Round 2.2 : This round consists of one race and the top two will go to the final round.

    Race Specifications:

           Sprint Race

           Length of Circuit > 15 km.


Round Three (Final)   

    The final round consists of three races (Circuit, Sprint, and Knockout). Racer with the best overall position wins the tournament.

    Race Specifications:  

         Circuit Race 10 km. (Camden Borough)

         Knockout Race >10 km. (Rock port Borough)

Rounds will be of deathmatch format (Team play: 3 members per team).

    Time for each map - 6 minutes, 30 seconds.

    Coin Toss will be used to decide the map which is to be played.

    In the incident of a tie, the team which lost the earlier toss, gets to choose the Tie Breaker map.

    Mobile phones should be kept in the aeroplane mode.

    Using hacked versions or any other kind of malpractice will result in disqualification.

    Each team can choose a variety of weapons depending upon the map.

    Players are not allowed to suicide in the last minute of the game.