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No sooner a child is born, everybody starts comparing and keep saying that his/her features match with that of his/her parents.

From where did all this come from??

It’s because of the genes!!!

So all the genetic detectives out there, here is a chance for you guys to solve the mysteries and get crowned as king of genes.

The event consists of three rounds.

Round 1 –

Questions about a tree diagram asking about relations among them. Clues will be provided if asked.

Evaluation –

Team which scores the highest will be selected for next round. Taking clues will deduct the score gradually.

Round 2 –

A video will be played on the topic genes and random questions will be asked about the content shown in the video.

Evaluation –

Team which answers all/most of the questions quickly would be qualified for next round.


Round 3 –

Various pictures will be provided on two charts and the team will be asked to match them.

For example, photos of a grown person and his childhood picture should be matched.

Evaluation –

Team which matches all/most of the pictures would be declared as the winner.

  1. Maximum of two people are allowed per team.
  2. Teams can register on spot before first round.
  3. No outside help will be provided to any team.
  4. Any evidence of copying will lead to disqualification.
  1. Decisions of judges will be final.
  2. Judges and coordinators are all final and all the teams should abide by it.

1. Is it necessary that the participant should be from biotechnology background?

Ans: No, Just basic idea about evolution will be enough.

2. Is the 2nd round a buzzer round?

Ans: Yes, it is.

3. Will the 3rd round be played by all the team members?

Ans: No, matches will be done by one person and instructions are given by other person.

4. Should the third round be performed before event managers?

Ans: Yes, it should be completed before event manager.