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Shuvam Biswal
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Minimum Members: 3   Maximum Members: 3

“Seeing is believing but the more you see closely the more you feel deceived .
The more you think you see , the less you’ll actually notice .”
Here comes the most exhilarating event of Technozion 2017 , “Graeae in Sphinx Shadow (GSS)
“ which challenges your ability to see , notice things and analysis them logically and answer as
soon as possible- for time is short Graeae and Sphinx is ready to get u doomed
Join the excitement and experience the first ever knockout round event that will make u move
to the tip of your seats with enthusiasm
In this event in last round , the sphinx will drop various scarp materials at various places and the
Graeae will have stipulated time to solve the tech-riddle of sphinx(technicality at its best)
Here she is- the riddle master (sphinx) so are you ready (Graeaes) to answer her riddles and
knock her in her own game or get knocked by her.


  1. Seeking humanoids: - Riddles like  identify whether a picture was there in the shown collage or simple questions on the life of the image(10 question).
  2. Behind the scene:- Misleading audio in background  with video will be played and question will be asked on the thing played behind the scene.
  3. Search the match:- Graeaes have to search the most appropriate matching answer for the logical and pictorial riddles.
  4. Attention Graeaes:- Here the Graeaes will be tested for their observing capability with questions to spot the missing things or things that have been displaced from their positions(swapped).


It is a knockout round where 2 winning teams of the first round will face each other in 4 minute to win interesting knockout games to satisfy their hunger to win.

Total 10 team will qualify for finals


Junk funk basically means a new useful thing from waste and scrap materials .10 places in campus will contain scrap and waste materials which will be the raw material The finalists will be given 30 min to visit these places and collect the scraps and make something that will satisfy the sphinx’s criteria’s within the stipulated time.

  • A team can comprise of 3 members
  • All the members are requested to attend all the rounds, if they get selected for next rounds
  • A team shall proceed to the next rounds on the basis of scores.
  • The first round also contains negative markings so contestants are required to answer carefully
  • If their scores get tied in 2Nd round, the team which will have completed the sub round 3 of round 2 will qualify for finals
  • During 3rd round, participants are require to go to these destination by walking. Participants using cycles or any other mode will be disqualified
  • Also in 3rd round after selecting the participants have to inform the workforce or the EVM with the list of item selected and after the completion they have to submit to event manager. Team reaching without completion of task or interacting other team members or workforce or any other peoples shall be disqualified.
  • Teams are requested to complete in allotted time.

Round 1:   Top twenty teams shall qualify to next round.

Round 2:  Ten team will qualify in Knock out Rounds

If their scores get tied in 2Nd round, the team which will have completed the sub round 3 of round 2 will qualify for finals

Round 3:  Three best Criteria satisfying project will win the    Event as 1st ,2nd and 3rd .