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The fineness of the machine made products, the texture of the machine finished components and the lustre of the machine coated surfaces are all fine. You know what isn’t? The fact that it lacks the smell of sweat, the fact that it lacks the colour of dirt and the fact that it lacks the feel of nativity. Handicrafts don’t, and that is exactly why they are superior.

Handloom fabrics and handicrafts are an integral part of the cultural heritage and tradition of India. It is high time that we feel responsible and preserve the very own expertise.              

Technozion’s “Lend a hand to the Handlooms” promotes the use of handlooms and at the same time provides the measures and feasible solutions which supports the living of weavers’ families (55% families live below poverty line). Through this we bring the problems of weavers’ families into limelight and provide feasible solutions.

Thus Technozion is contributing its part to save the ancient tradition to bring back the glory that has started to fade because appreciating something significant created with hands evokes distinctive satisfaction.