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Clean energy is the key to a green future. According to the UNESCO, more than 1.5 billion people around the world currently have no access to electric light. 1.3 billion on the other hand spend most of their disposable income on paraffin, an environmental threat, to light their homes. The need for clean, affordable alternatives is the need of the hour which is why Liter of Light has pledged to create light sources using an ingenious design -  plastic bottle filled with bleached water installed on the roof of a building so that daylight from outside refracts through the water into the room, providing equivalent brightness to a 50-watt conventional bulb in full daylight.

In India, Vikarabad in Telangana has been the pioneer of this initiative. Taking a step forward in unison, Technozion will champion this cause to expand the initiative in Warangal through campaigns and workshops for generating awareness. We aim to serve as a beacon of hope for encouraging homegrown entrepreneurs to bring frugal innovation to light the homes of Warangal.