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Minimum Members: 2   Maximum Members: 2

Hacking has always fascinated many minds. This year 'Mathematical hacking' gives you a chance to test your mathematical skills. All you need is the basic knowledge of mathematical concepts. So, energize yourself and get ready to play with maths. Come in teams of two. You will be tested on the basis of time and wit.


The event has three rounds. 

Round 1:
A set of mathematical puzzles / questions will be provided to each team. The teams have to solve the set of questions and the answers together will give a certain series (Eg. 4,6,9,13,18). The teams that guess the next number of the series will make it to next round.

Round 2:
This round is similar to Round 1 but the complexity of questions will increase. 

Round 3:
This round has taken cryptography to next level. One member finds an answer to the question provided, the other member uses that answer to find the solution to his question.

1. Participants will be briefed on how to proceed before the round begins.

2. Each team must have 2 members.

3. Each round will be time based.

4. Students from any branch of studies can participate.

5. Mobiles and calculators should not be used during the event.

6. Rough sheets will be provided.