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Minimum Members: 2   Maximum Members: 3

“Seeing is believing but the more you see closely the more you feel deceived.

The more you think you see, the less you'll actually notice.”

Here comes the most exhilarating event of Technozion 2017, “Metal Tracking”, which challenges your ability to see and notice things that we all might normally just overlook in our busy lives. You need to think, run and explore to win this event.

Join the excitement and experience the Treasure Hunt Adventure at Technozion'17  in METAL TRACKING event.

In this event the Game Master will drop various treasures around the NITW campus. Players will have stipulated time to locate those treasure troves and collect the prizes.


There shall be 3 Rounds :

  • Round 1 : General Round
  • Round 2 : Audio Visual Round
  • Round 3 : Metal Tracking


Round 1 : General Round


  • It is based on asking general questions which comprises of logical reasoning and basic knowledge regarding the application of metals .
  • Time Duration : 40 minutes
  • Of Questions : 40 ( 20 for aptitude + 20 for metals ) .

A team can comprise of 2-3 members

Round 2 : audio-visual round

  • It is audio – visual round where the questions are asked from the video being played . The team members need to answer the questions , using the hint what they will see and what they will hear .
  • Time Duration : Total 1 hr ( 5 Videos of atmost 5 minutes duration each ) . In the interval of each video 5 minutes time shall be given to answer the questions asked .
  • Number Of Questions : ( 3-5) per video


  • The team shall be given a hint at the beginning of hunt . The hint would be regarding the metal specimens kept at various location of NITW campus . After reaching their corresponding destination , they need to collect the hint kept from our workforce . Thereafter , they can proceed to their next hunt using that hint .

Each of these places and metals are assigned with hints,  numbered from 1 to 6 . Participants have to approach their destination in sequence , which shall be decided from the hint taken at the beginning .

  • Time Limit : 2 Hours



General Rules :

  1. A team can comprise 2-3 members.
  2. All the team members are requested to attend all the rounds , if they get selected for next rounds.
  3. A team shall proceed to next rounds on the basis of scores . If their scores get tied in 2ndround , their scores in 1st round will come into play .
  4. During 3rd round , participants are required to go to these destinations on foot . Participants using cycle or any other mode shall be disqualified .
  5. Also , in 3rd rounds , after completing all the hints , they have to report to the event manager as they are told . Teams reaching without completion of hints or interacting other team  members , workforces  or any other people shall be disqualified . 
  6. Teams are requested to complete the round in allotted time .


  • Round 1 : Judgement Criteria : Top 20 % of total no. Of teams shall proceed to next round.
  • Round 2 : Judgement Criteria : Top 6 teams shall be eligible to go to the final round . In case scores are tied , the scores of previous round shall come into play.
  • Round 3 : Judgement Criteria : Top 3 teams reporting to the event manager with correct sequence of answer to their hints.


  1. Does this event requires any knowledge regarding Metallurgy ?

       Ans – No,it does not require any subject matter related to metallurgy.Only in the first round,the basic questions regarding metals                are going to be asked and in second and third rounds , the knowledge of metals will be there in as hint .

  1. What is the cost of registration ?

        Ans – It is Rs 450 in registration portal .

  1. Can I go for spot registration ?

         Ans – Yeah , spot registrations shall be there but it would be charged more as compared to portal registration.

  1. Can we get participation certificate for more than 2 events ?

        Ans – No , there shall be one certificate and the name of event to be written depends on the wish of participants .

  1. If anyone wants to go out of the team for brief period , can any other member replace him/her ?

        Ans – No , he/she can’t be replaced by any outsider.On doing so,the team shall be disqualified from the event . All the team                       members (registered in first round) are ought to be present in each and every round .

        7 . What is the prize money for the event ?

        Ans – As of now , it is yet to be decided but it shall be revealed during event .

  1. Can a team consists of single member or more than 3 members ?

       Ans – No , a team should consist of 2-3 members otherwise the team shall be disqualified .

  1. Can I be qualified for the final round even if we are qualified for 2nd round and we went to attend other events ?

        Ans – Strictly no . In this case , the team shall get disqualified .