Siddharth Rajhans


Day 2(28th October)-9:00 AM

Venue-ECE Seminar Hall

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Somesh Kumar
Rishu Kumar

Mr.Siddharth Rajhans is a first generation technology entrepreneur, a Silicon Valley Technocrat, management researcher, TEDx and motivational speaker and Pioneer of the Outernet Technology in India and the Asia Pacific Region.

Mr.Siddharth has been a student of the prestigious Harvard Business School at Harvard University in the US and has distinguished himself professionally as a Product Manager at Apple, spearheading the “Everyone Can Code” project which gave him worldwide recognition as the first Indian to speak at Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference keynote in June 2016. He also heads his startup called “Spacify” which has been working to provide satellite-powered internet or “Outernet” in Singapore and parts of rural India as part of the Digital India initiative.

The title of the keynote lecture is: “Moonshots Innovations in Silicon Valley – the future of the tech industry”.

As part of the talk Siddharth will share his rich experience of working at the forefront of the tech industry and would emphasize on the concept of “moonshots”. He firmly believes that tech-breakthroughs in the mobile and web domain are now a talk of the bygone days – and we need to focus India’s engineering prowess and talent into making the next moonshot innovation. Technologies like A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), A.R./V.R.(Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality), Big Data/Data Analytics, Machine Learning/Deep Learning and Connectivity solutions are going to determine the future of tech. Siddharth would speak extensively on these sharing real world – first hand insights from his career.

Siddharth will also speak on building a great start-up culture, about venture capital and his own endeavors as an entrepreneur and seed-level investor. All of this makes for a comprehensive talk on everything to do with the present and future state of tech and entrepreneurship – combining the best of India’s rich engineering talent.