Neon Cricket

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Nikita Ingle
Sanket Pathode

For all the cricket-besotted folks, we present the excited and the most awaited event "Neon Cricket" for the first time in Technozion.

Get ready to face the challenges when you will not be able to see fielders, bowlers and batsmen except stumps, bat and ball.

Experience the last ball pressure and the one run victories.

Shine in the dark moments of your team.

Do you think, you've got what it takes to win this? Then come take part in the exuberance to win amazing prizes worth your performance.

1. Entry fee- 200 per team.

2. 5 members a side match.

3. A team gets 5 overs.

4. Points will be awarded based on the scores of teams (one run equals one point and one wicket equals three points).

5. Winning team will get 25% instant cash back.

6. At the end of day the team with maximum number of points will be declared as winner.