Praveen B. Malla


Day 1(27th October)-12:00 PM

Venue-ECE Seminar Hall

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ABSR Sateesh
Aabha Chandra
Mayank Chordia
Somesh Kumar
Rishu Kumar

Praveen B. Malla is a results-oriented leader with 19 years of track record in highly competitive industries. Turnaround specialist with demonstrated evidence of reviving failed projects. Praveen Malla is a leader with cross functional experience and ability to connect the dots across complex challenges with excellent interpersonal and man management skills. Professional with deep experience in Thought Leadership/Content (B2B) Marketing and Higher Education Advisory. He is the author of a book on Corporate Governance, along with a cross-functional industry professional and cross-disciplinary academic researcher. Consultant by profession, Researcher by passion and Writer by choice. Published over 50 papers in national and international journals.

With a long list of academic qualifications, including MBA, MA(Literature), MA(Philosophy), MS (Psychology), PhD., LL.B, his areas of expertise include:
Strategy and Direction Setting | Thought Leadership Advisory| Innovation Management
Business Research| Finance and Budgeting|Team Building and Goal Setting
Large Program Management|Contract Management & Negotiations| Managing Distributed Teams Sales and Marketing|Content Production & Management|Brand Building & Inbound Marketing
Scorecard Development & Management |Strategic Alliances| Market Analysis| Learning & Development

Our current understanding of life around us, society around us and the business ecosystem
around us is largely fashioned by our mindless consumption of irrelevant content offered by
media platforms around us – be they social media sites, broadcast media, broadsheets,
tabloids or even our college professors. With so much of information swarming us do we ignore to see the subtler nuances offered by our day-to-day experiences?

Malla's talk would be focused on showing us how the real world operates and what we
consistently ignore as immaterial. The session would focus on building the curiosity of the
novice MBA aspirant and helping them explore the dynamic business world that we live in.Business is all about contexts. So the
session would focus on setting the context for the future B-School aspirant.