R.P Singh


Day 3 (29th October)-9:30am -2pm

Venue-CSE Seminar Hall


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R. P . Singh is current Professor at IIT BHU and PRL AHMD.He has made significant contributions in the fields of Quantum Optics and Nonlinear Optics.

His Current Research Interests:

  • Optical vortices and their properties

  • Light scattering

  • Nonlinear optics

  • Quantum Entanglement

  • Quantum Space Communication

Generation of  optical vortices,  monochromatic as  well as polychromatic  and study  of their  properties like propagation through various optical systems, their interaction  and coherence properties are the main areas of research in  his experimental group.  We  are  also  involved  in  polarized  light  scattering  keeping  in  mind  its application to imaging.

Future research interests

  • Multi-dimensional entanglement using optical vortices

  • Quantum imaging and quantum cryptography

  • Application of optical vortices and other singular beams to optical trapping

Current Projects:  7

Publications:  100+ International and National Journals.


One Day Seminar on Fundamentals of Optics at CSE Seminar Hall

Title: “Light With Twist” – Celebrating 25 years of OAM beams.

Speaker: Prof. R. P. Singh

Talk (1st Season): 9:30 am-11:30 am

Hi-tea break and Photo Season : 11:30 am-12 noon

Talk (2nd Season) : 12 noon- 2 pm