Rajdeep Dua


Day 1(27th October)-4:30 PM

Venue-ECE Seminar Hall

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Rajdeep Dua has over 18 years of experience in the Cloud and Big Data space. He worked in the advocacy team for Google’s big data tools, BigQuery. He worked on the Greenplum big data platform at VMware in the developer evangelist team. He also worked closely with a team on porting Spark to run on VMware’s public and private cloud as a feature set. He has taught Spark and Big Data at some of the most prestigious tech schools in India: IIIT Hyderabad, ISB, IIIT Delhi, and College of Engineering Pune.
Currently, he leads the developer relations team at Salesforce India. He also works with the data pipeline team at Salesforce, which uses Hadoop and Spark to expose big data processing tools for developers.

He authored the books Machine Learning with Spark, Docker Networking, Docker creating structured containers. His contributions to the open source community are related to Docker, Kubernetes, Android, OpenStack, and cloudfoundry. He has also presented BigQuery and Google App Engine at the W3C conference in Hyderabad. He led the developer relations teams at Google, VMware, and Microsoft, and he has spoken at hundreds of other conferences on the cloud. Some of the other references to his work can be seen at YourStory and on ACM digital library.

The title of Lecture is "Building Intelligent Enterprise Apps".

In this session, we will explore why making enterprise apps is becoming important for enterprise productivity. We will look at options available before a developer while composing intelligence into an app. We will also look at what Salesforce has to offer with some real-life examples.