Sriram Dinavahi


Day 1(27th October)-9:30 AM

Venue-ECE Seminar Hall

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ABSR Sateesh
Aabha Chandra
Mayank Kumar
Somesh Kumar
Rishu Kumar

Sriram has over 18 years of industry experience in software development building a world-class R&D organization. Currently, he heads the engineering team at Salesforce(India).

Topic: "Innovation drives Customer Success @Salesforce"

Forbes has named Salesforce as the #1 Innovative company in 2017 again! This is the seventh consecutive year on Forbes Most Innovative list . We have successfully kept innovation at the center of everything we do. Salesforce has democratized enterprise technology — making the Cloud, Mobile, Social, IoT and now Artificial Intelligence available to all companies, regardless of their size. By consistently delivering powerful, innovative Customer Success platform, we have become the trusted advisor to our customers . Join me to know what drives innovation @ Salesforce and why we are the #1 Enterprise cloud in the world.