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You need not be a professional photographer or a scientist to reason.

All you need to have is a creative eye with scientific perception.

For all those amateur photographers with a passion for science out there, technoshot is the right platform to showcase your talent.

All you need to do is to capture any of the day-to-day phenomena (which you perceive as scientific) which you come across. Your photograph should be affixed with a brief write up reasoning the phenomenon.It all depends upon your critical observation and how much juice you squeeze out of your fruit(picture)!!

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and start clicking!!!!

Loads of prizes to be won!!!


Your photographs must contain at least any one of the theme mentioned below
1.Street Photography
1.For photographs you can use mobile or dslr
2.You should mail us the photo by mentioning the specifications that are used while taking the
photos(eg;for dslr ISO,Mode,aperture size.. Etc;for mobile Mode and further settings)
And also set a nice and reasonable caption describing the photo
3.You need to have at least two more photographs shot in different angles so as to prove the
authenticity of your photograph in case of any discrepancy
4.Using Photoshop is allowed. The photos will be uploaded in the official Technozion page and will
be up for voting. The images with the more number of likes will get bonus points
5. Best photographs will be exhibited during TZ
6.The TZ team reserves full rights over the photographs and can deny the entry from being
exhibited during TZ
7.Best photos have the prize money of 25,000rs(for1st 12,000rs;2nd 8,000rs;3rd 5,000rs )
8.The last date for submitting the pictures is 25th October by 6:00pm
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  • Theme of the photo
  • Caption
  • Likes (Votes)