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Test your wits! Get going through the jaw-dropping case studies. Co-operate, communicate,
The all-new event is set to rejuvenate the THINK-TANK beheld within you. 'Presence is
Essence'. Set your brain, projectile your thoughts and let it attain Hmax!
The 'EURUS FIRM' has finally turned up and is here to hire just a single person. Making it
will take all you have! Unlike the technical event, here comes the event which will test out your
social skills along with the technical
skills as well.Technicality is something featured as an inbuilt app in human's operating system.
We the Indians have been through a lot and will have to be through more. We 'The Youth of
INDIA' is the 'backbone' of the country. So in this tech fest 2k17, we bring forward the social
in front of you so as to get your solutions.
C'mon Amigos, socio-tech it up!

Round 1- EX-QUIZ ME
Opening round will involve the set of questions involving the parameter for testing
participant's brain speed in the given amount of time.
Top 60 people will be selected for the next round.
Participants will be randomly teamed-up in a group of three for the upcoming round.
Round 2- Let's get Bizzy!
Unleash the sociopath hiding inside you.
This round is to enhance the knowledge of the students based on the entrepreneurship.
IN-campus the volunteers will be present, the participants will have to inquire the problems they
are facing.
They themselves have to figure out the apt question and its solution, also they will have to
present the possible solution in front of the judges.
Top 4 teams will make it to the final showdown!
Round 3- TELL NO ONE
Mysterious and mind-boggling round in which participants have to find the question before
answer on their own.
Rules, regulations, and gameplay will be described on the spot!

Rules & Regulation
1.Come individually for round 1 further teamed-up & split as per round requirement.
2.If found soughting for the external help, participants will be disqualified.

Round 1-
1. The ranks will be awarded depending upon the number of questions answered correctly.
2. One fourth marks will be deducted from the score if answered incorrectly.
Round 2-
1. Degree of closeness to the particular question will determine the ranks
2. The correctness of answer and practicality of the answer will determine the ranks.
3. Judges decision will be final.
1. Rules informed by the judges (on the spot) to be followed correctly
2. Participants should abide by the rules.

FAQ's(Frequently Asked Questions)
Q- Is this open for all branches?
A. Yes ! It's open for all branches.
Q- Is there any registration fees?
A. No, It is completely free for participants.
Q- Do we need to bring anything along with us for the round?
A. Naah! Not really, you just need to bring forward the ideas and solutions! Better with a laptop