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If you want to learn about flying objects and don't know where to start, Technozion gives you just the right platform with a Balsa Glider workshop.

Designing and fabricating a glider helps one understand the basic idea behind flight and the significance of various parts of the airplane. The workshop helps the participant understand aerodynamics, controls and stability in the simplest manner.

  • Build your own Chuck Glider with Balsa Wood.
  • Learn the Basics of Aircraft flight.
  • Initiation into field of Aeronautical engineering through Aeromodelling.

It mainly focuses on

*Introduction to aeronautic and aviation

*Difference btw airplane vtol and rockets

*Basic of aircrafts

*Stability and control

*Flight dynamic

*Types of engines


*Designing parameters

The workshop session goes on like this:

      During the first session they will be demonstrating the basics about the glider design and give a brief description of the above content.

Next session will be more or less like a practical session where they show how to construct a glider by using the below kit content.


Plan(blue print of glider)


743 adhesive


Covering material

KIT COST: 1000 Rupees.