You've Only Got 60 Seconds

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Sahil Bhosale
Kanissma S

If in ancient art of "ALCHEMY" we could transmute matter particularly basic metal into gold then why don’t we try to converting the ability to work with basic household items efficiently into exciting cash prizes for yourself in today’s world? Technozion 2017 brings to you 'YOU'VE ONLY GOT 60 SECONDS", a chance for you and your partner to showcase your patience, accuracy, agility and concentration to grab the cash prize. ‘YOU'VE ONLY GOT 60 SECONDS’ is an attraction in which the participants have to complete a series of 10 challenges that can be done in just 60 seconds each.
But don’t you worry guys, every duo starts the game with 2 lives and incase of failure to complete any of the tasks you will be allowed to continue at the cost of lives left. As you progress into the game the difficulty will undoubtedly increase but we promise immense fun and thrill of having to play while on the clock.
It’s your chance to make the most of this opportunity and get away with exciting cash rewards all you need to do is come in pairs with a calm and concentrated mind!