Local Search Audit Testimonials

"We use BrightLocal for many things. The most important tool for us is the Rank Checker and Local Search Audit. Both of these tools are foundational to our success as an agency. "
David Gersh
President, Outreach Digital Marketing
"Local search audit quickly enables you to determine a SWOT analysis of a business website."
Steve Drury
Owner, Web-aviso
"It a great report to kick off a conversation with new client or prospect. It gives the client a complete picture of their internet presence from Local Search, website, reviews and social. The explanation of the report also helps to educate customer on terms they may not heard of. "
Thomas Pelon
President, Smart Link Solutions
"I run the Local Search Audit for prospects and I run it periodically for my SEO clients. I really like how it gives a snapshot of the business and shows what areas need improvement."
Glennette Goodbread
Certified Search Specialist, Premium Web Development LLC
"I like the fact that each area of SEO is scored so that you know exactly what to work on. I can focus on the various aspects of on page SEO that require attention. Then once I rerun the report I can track the improvements or see if anything still needs work. I just really like the fact that so many metrics are contained in one place. It makes things very convenient."
Jackson Scott
Director, Green Move Removals
"(Local Search Audit) Allows me to provide a detailed report that breaks down the positives and negatives of a business' local presence in a way that makes sense to both myself and my clients. As a freelancer you're usually a team of one and it's easy to miss small details. These reports allow me to see items I may have overlooked and quickly address them."
Stephen Hollingshead
Owner, Steve The Website Guy
"This tool forms the cornerstone of both our quarterly business reviews as well as our marketing proposals. The insights it affords (with minimal setup) and the client-centric way the information is displayed give my marketing team deep technical information and a clear story to present to clients. This tool gives us a holistic view of the health of a business's online presence. More importantly, it is able to give these insights without requiring access to a business website, Google Analytics, or any other direct access. This allows us to integrate it into our marketing proposal process with ease."
Graeme Gibson
Director, Digital Marketing, 123Dentist
"The Local Search Audit tool is a great way for our business to get a baseline on a new client and then monitor progress with existing clients. It is an easy snapshot for us to share with our clients."
Cristi White
Project Manager, Hosting Connecticut, LLC
"This is a great tool with lots of features for a very manageable price for any one-person shops or small agencies. It helps keep everything at your finger tips in a nicely reported format for you local search clients."
Jason Bean
Digital Marketing Professional / Business Owner, Bnpositive Communication
"It's very useful for starting a discovery call with a new lead...Really impresses prospects!"
Randy Lyman
Owner, Lakeshore Local SEO