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"Contemporary Surveillance Systems- Face Recognition to Drone"

The talk will be about the current state of surveillance systems during which he will demonstrate some of the systems he has developed from face recognition to drone surveillance at University of Cambridge.

Traditionally CCTV security and surveillance systems are designed for deterrent rather than for prevention where these systems will simply record scenes as viewed by video cameras regardless whether there is any activity or not. In the event of some criminal prosecution procedures, these recorded videos may be served as evidence in the court of law. The 9/11 incident along with the London train bombing, the Boston bombing, and the Manchester Bombing has changed the way on how these video-based surveillance systems are being employed as the security systems in place to monitor these events were not sufficient to prevent them. More automated functions and “smart” algorithms have recently been incorporated into such systems so that these systems can detect the threat in advance. In this talk, we will prevent the state-of-the-art face detection algorithms and drone surveillance algorithms.

Amarjot Singh is the founder & CEO of Skylark Labs. Amarjot Singh finished his doctoral studies in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Cambridge, U.K, and is frequently called upon to create Artificial Intelligence based innovative solutions for complex technical problems. He is an active researcher and has so far published 42 research papers in total. His name has been recorded in the prestigious India Book of Records for publishing 18 research papers in International Journals and Conferences as an undergraduate student. His research has also been recognized at the International and National level such as IEEE Region 10 Asia-Pacific Region paper contest, World finalist (Top 15) in IEEE President Change the World Competition. His paper on removing noise coming from distant stars and galaxies during their photography was also included in NASA Astrophysics Data System (NASA-ADS). Before joining the Ph.D. program, He graduated with a Masters in Biomedical Engineering from Simon Fraser University, Canada and obtained an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from NIT, Warangal, India, where he received the Gold Medal for Excellence in Research (Batch 2007-2011-NITW). Prior to starting his Master's degree, He worked as a Research Engineer on Underwater Imaging for the National University of Singapore, Singapore. He has also worked as a Researcher during his undergraduate studies at INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France; University of Bonn, Germany; IIT Kanpur, India; IISc Bangalore, India and Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), India. He has been awarded numerous international and national scholarships such as the Cambridge Trust Commonwealth Fellowship, Doctoral Research Fund, and W.G. Collins Endowment fund from Cambridge University for his doctoral studies. He has also received NSERC, FAS, VISA bursary and Helmut & Hugo, Graduate Scholarships from his master's study at Simon Fraser University, Canada. In addition, He received the Industrial Research Fellowship for Research from Gfar Research, Germany, and Twtbuck, India.  



Venue: ECE Seminar Hall

Time:  30 September 2:00 PM