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AUTOIGNITE is a collaboration by Team Spardhak, the off-road racing team and Team Genesis, go-kart team of NIT Warangal. Off-road racing and track racing culture in NIT Warangal has been well rooted for at least a period of five years where the team comprises of well experienced students who have attained expertise with time and valuable experience, from participating in competitions, design challenges and other workshops held throughout the country.

The content will be presented by the team leads, who believe, sharing knowledge is the key to a better engineer.

In the recently held national competitions Team Spardhak secured All-India Rank 7th and Team Genesis secured All-India Rank 5th. NIT Racing teams have built buggies from scratch for the past five years and the knowledge has been passed on to next generation successfully.

But knowledge must not be limited a group of students and Racing Teams hope to develop an automobile culture amongst student communities.

AUTOIGNITE is a workshop by the student, for the student.

How difficult is to build your own buggy from scratch- Very difficult? Slightly Difficult? Maybe easy? Well, the answer to that question depends on where one starts his journey of building. A solid foundation is important for a successful finish. 
AUTOIGNITE will deliver its content under the theme – “build your own buggy”
But can you really build your own buggy after this workshop? Definitely! No Doubt!
It is important for us as engineers to have hands on experience because real knowledge is when theory transforms into a real product. AUTOIGNITE organizing team strongly feels that engineering done practically is engineering done right.
If you could design and manufacture your own buggy from scratch, then….. you will have the confidence and knowledge to build almost anything from zero.

Its a two day workshop on 28th & 29th of september from 10am to 5pm.


      All the students are requested to bring laptop.

Day 1

Designing vehicle components using CATIA & ANSYS

  1. Roll cage profile and development
  2. Ergonomics considerations
  3. Ride and handling considerations
  4. Basic to complex surface development
  5. Simulation/Analysis of automotive parts

*At the end of first day, a designing task will be assigned and evaluated on the starting of second day

Day 2


Need of Suspension

  • Suspension – the decisive package: comfort to components
  • Double wishbone suspension
  • Macpherson suspension
  • Trailing suspension
  • Air shocks or coil spring?


  • Understeering to drifting - Steering decides it all
  • Focus on four-bar mechanism
  • Rack and pinion system


  • Formula speed and Off-road torque
  • Manual Transmission vs Automatic Transmission
  • Continuous variable transmission
  • A successful gearbox design


  • Heart of Vehicle/confidence of driver – braking system
  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic or mechanical – types of braking
  • Components of a Braking system


  • Data Acquisition system – Testing the beast
  • Vehicle live tracking
  • Introduction to sensors

1.    You will be able to design and analyze components by CATIA and ANSYS, which will be a concrete starting point for beginners.
2.    Components that will be designed during the sessions will not be limited to any field of engineering and will cover all essential basics.
3.    The workshop session will give hands-on experience to all participants and emphasize the importance of every sub-system.
4.    You will be get to go through finished vehicles at the end of session.
5.    The primary aim of the workshop is to make you understand that you can build your own buggy from scratch with good designing               principles. The workshop will serve to be the most effective approach for a beginner as it will be conducted by our own student body           who have had tremendous experience in the field and more importantly- we will be here not to teach, but to guide!