Banners As Boons

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Everyone bothers till Technozion arrives and many of us barely know what happens after Tz winds up and marks for its journey further. Along with all the lighting that sparkles during the fest, there're also colourful banners all around the campus to promote various sponsors who have not just bestowed us with their money, but also with their trust. With all the promises that go hand in hand during Technozion, do we really stand up to keep them alive even after the fest? 
Yes we do. We've promised for a cleaner and a greener environment and we intend to keep our promises. In lieu of all the things that go unnoticed after Tz, banners hold a greater part. 

After we conclude the 3 day long fiesta, all the banners are given to an organisation called 'Goonj' which supplies the banners as rooftops for flood affected areas. 
We, at Technozion not only hope to discover things but also discard things in the way they are supposed to be.