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Hunnar Ramwani
Shreya Sharma
Mohammed Moidul Hassam
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Minimum Members: 2   Maximum Members: 3

Ever wondered what Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and all the other great men had in common?  Vision! A vision with a profound potential of leaving its imprints over the coming generations.  Here's is your opportunity to challenge the great thinker in you and show us are you really the  next big shot in the biotech world!  

Come join us in BIOPSY '18 and win exciting prizes!  

Stay tuned to technozion '18 for more updates! 

We present you a mind scintillating game to showcase your intuitiveness and entrepreneurship.  Rack your brains to pick  that perfect permutation & combination from the list of words given to  you.And generate an eccentric startup which will stump the world someday.  REAL VISIONARIES.REAL ODDS.REAL REWARDS* 

*exciting cash prizes await YOU! 

ROUND 1: the B-hunt 

Compete against time in this fun and enthralling round. 

Series of tasks will be given. Team which completes first gets the next clue! 

ROUND 2: the Outwitters 

This round consist of rapid fire and a twisted pictionary. 

Be wary of other quick-witted teams! 

ROUND 3: The visionary 

Crack up your brains to get that perfect “permutation & combination” of random words given to  you and fuel up your startup. 

May the internet be in your favour! 

ROUND 1: Based on the points secured by every team at the end of each assigned task.teams  will be  marked out of 20 

ROUND 2: teams will be marked out of 30. 

ROUND 3: Creativity and innovatory skills and Presentation skills 

1) Any sort of malpractice would lead to disqualifying the team.   

2) for round 3,prep time of 4 hours would be given . 

3) Detailed briefing would be done before the commencement of every round. 

4) projectors would be provided ,if the team decides to present their startup via ppt or any other  visual forms.(ppts are not mandatory though) 

5) teams would be marked out of 100 (20  round 1+ 30 round 2 + 50 round 3). Team with the  highest score win.

1) Who all can participate? 

Open to all branches of all years.   

2) Do I need to come in a team?  

Yes ,you do.Minimum 2 and maximum 3

3) Any pre-requisites required?  

Not at all.Just turn up to the venue with your gray cells!   

4) How do I register?  

Registration will be offline as well as online. Offline registrations will take place on the zeroth  day . For online registration , register on / Google Doc shall open before  the event begins. Spot registrations would be entertained.   

5) Is laptop required?  

Depends on how you would like to present  and your comfort device for research.   

6)How long should the presentation be ?  

15-20 minutes is the limit   

7)What all should my presentation cover?  

Whatever you think will make you win and convince  the judges.    

8) Will I have internet access? 

Yes of course , student WiFi shall be provided.