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Minimum Members: 2   Maximum Members: 3

Bridges are the most wonderful creation of civil engineers .The first ever bridge was constructed centuries back, known as Adam's bridge (RAMA SETU or RAMA’ Bridge). This Technozion we have brought you a challenge to design and develop one of your own truss bridge using basic knowledge of mechanics, so come up with some innovative ideas of bridge design & let’s see whether your bridge is good enough to take u the other shore.


Design and fabricate a truss bridge which can carry weight upto 500 times of it's own.


         This includes simple objective type of paper based on simple bridge related engineering topics.                                                                                                               
         Out of all participating teams, approximately 30 teams will be selected for fabrication  round .                                                                        
         Orientation for fabrication- This includes one-two hours session in which the selected 30 teams will submit their truss design which they will fabricate next day in round 2.


 This includes the fabrication of truss design approved in orientation. Materials used shouldn’t be other than popsicle (ice cream sticks), Fevicol  Bridge fabricated is tested by applying load on bridge until it ruptures. Hence, efficiency of the bridge & deflection undergone by the bridge will be calculated

1)    No googling will be allowed during the screening test.
2)    Come in a team of 2-3 members. Not more than 3 members will be allowed for a team.
3)    Once you have fixed the design of the truss bridge, no major changes will be allowed in the design while fabricating, otherwise points will be deducted.
4)No double gusset joints and no overlapping of popsicle sticks.
5)Minimum length should be 20 cm and maximum lenght should be 50 cm.
6)Joint thickness not  more than 9 mm.

  •  Efficiency should be maximum.
  •  e= maximum bearable load/dead weight of bridge
  •   deflection in bridge should be minimum.
  •  Based on two above two factors the winner will be declared.


Q1) Is any pre registration  required?
Ans: If possible do the registration.Onspot registration can be also be  done.

Q2) Do we have to prepare the model/bridge before hand itself?
Ans: No, u have to prepare the model on spot.

 Q3) Will the materials like popsicle sticks, fevicol & other stationary  be  provided?
Ans: Yes, materials will be provided to you on spot.

      Q4)What kind of questions will be asked in screening round?
 Ans: It will be related to basic engineering mechanics & truss design.