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Minimum Members: 2   Maximum Members: 4

Basically, this is a contribution to involve everyone into the fest as much as possible and make them feel the importance of participation and team work. Event will try to bring out the bestout of the participants racing up their excitement levels. All the rounds will be fun filled with a bit of technical touch to it. On overall, it will be a technical event with excitement levels all around, helping the students realise their motive behind what should be their role in participating such events (what they should learn).The core idea of the event is to engage the participants in the event and try to give them a little feel of what Chemical Engineering is actually all about and how useful it is to the present developing world. The event will be conducted in an as much as possible abstract manner, encouraging participants to learn something out of it, at the end of it all. It shall be participated in groups of 3 or 4 at most (single participants are also welcome to showcase their interest). The event is actually
subdivided into three events that will be conducted during the three days respectively.

Duration :3 days
Day 1 : A basic introduction to the feel of ‘Chemical life!’

Event 1: We will provide the participants with the names of elements written on pieces of cardboard and the contestants should make maximum number of chemical compounds within provided time. Its basically like a Scrabble game. The rules or the conditions for the game will be :

1:- You can't make compound in reverse directio,It should be  either horizontal right or vertically down.
2:- Every next compound should be connected to the previous one ie if u make a compound like CH3Cl the the       next compound should contain either C or H or Cl.

Event 2:A quiz with an unconventional approach shall be held. The quiz will be related to space and interstellar                 objects but with a new out of the box take!

Day 2: On the 2nd day of Technozion will be " the visual effects " event. In this the participants are supposed to come prepared with some chemical reactions that create visual effects( explosion , colour change , elephants foam etc.) .The contestants would also have to get their own chemicals. The most creative and mind boggling visual effect would win. This will also be a kind of attraction for the people who pass by.

1.The contestants need to come in groups of 2-4(max 4) . If you are single then we will find a partner for you.
2.No extra help through mobile phones or any other means is will be disqualified in such case.
3.All the rounds will be conducted fair and square, don’t try for extra influence through seniors or those who are conducting the event.
4.during the 3rd round event, everyone is advised to handle the chemicals carefully and should present to us first about the chemicals to be used by the team .

* For the visual effects event the participants have to come prepared with the materials required( chemicals , beakers etc).

Day 1

Event 1: The groups that can form maximum number of chemical compounds and most creative/unique ones within the given span of time would be declared the winner.

Event 2: The quiz will take place.

1.Apart from few questions ,Quiz will totally be a on the spot answerable one if you get that brain of yours to start thinking well!
2. The scores from the quiz and event 1 combinedly will judge the qualifier teams for the main third event. So prove your worth first to show you are worth!

Day 2:
Event 3:

1.The most attractive visual effect that will capture everyone around and the most economically feasible reaction are one of the judging criteria for visual effect event.
2. There will score distribution for each visual effect seen accordingly and the team/teams with high scores will be judged winners.