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Minimum Members: 2   Maximum Members: 3

Ever interested in playing with the circuits and the exciting range of outputs? Here is the event!! Explore in the world of trons to showcase your skills in the art of circuit designing.A small input can be turned into large output and a lusome input to little. Everything is possible in war. We welcome you to the war!!

Round 1
It is a written test consisting of three parts.


  • Aptitude test. 
  •  JAM where you have to describe the topic chosen on paper in limited time.
  • Finally a platform where your technical skill is tested which involves solving a crossword puzzle.

Round 2

  • This round is purely based on analysis of circuits which is divided into three segments.
  •  You will be expected to analyse and explain the theory behind the working condition of the circuit.
  • Correcting the flaws of the circuit displayed.
  •  Rebuilding of the circuit through appropriate measures.

Round 3

Designing efficient circuit is a tough job.In this round you have to build a circuit which gives the desired output by overcoming the barriers given to you.The team which designs the efficient circuit the quickest gets declared as winner.

Teams of 2-3 members are allowed.


  • No outside help shall be sought by the teams.If found you will be disqualified.
  • Justification for your should be written neatly in paper for second round.
  •  Brief description about each round will be given before its commencement.

Round 1

 JAM shall be judged on the number of key points written.

Round 2


  • In first segment partial marks will be awarded for the correct answer even if explanation is wrong.
  •  In third segment time taken to rebuild circuit is a deciding factor.

Round 3

  • Power consumed by your design decides the efficiency of circuit.
  •  Time consumed to complete your design shall be a tiebreaker.

1.Is this event open for all the branches?
Ans:Yes,it is open for all the branches.

2.Are any pre-requisite required for participation?
Ans: Just basic knowledge about the electrical circuits is enough.

3.How many people can form a team?
Ans.A team of minimum two participants and maximum three participants are allowed.

4.How to get registered to the event?
Ans:Go to the official website of technozion and register yourself.