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"Programming allows you to think about thinking, and while debugging you learn learning."

                                                                                -Nicholas Negroponte

                 Programmers write computer programs in a language we call code. However, because no one is perfect, computer programmers sometimes make mistakes when writing their code. These mistakes are known as 'bugs'. ... An important part of programming is testing your program and 'Debugging' (which means removing the bugs).       
               Nowadays ,’Code Debugging’ is emerging as one of the most critical thinking competition.So here NITW is giving you all an opportunity to use your intellect and become the best programmer.
    The trick is to fix the problem you have, rather than the problem you want.

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Round 1(Day 1):
Paper and pen is all you need.
It is a 1 hour coding contest.
Either an individual or a team of 2 will be allowed to debug the code.

Round 2(Day 2):
Participants are requested to bring their own laptops.
It is also a 1 hour coding test.
Participants have to debug the code in their laptops (platform: dev c++).

•    Mobile phones are not allowed during the competition.
•    Participants have to bring their own laptops and charging points are provided at the venue.
•    Online compilers are not allowed.

  • If two people scored the same marks then the one who debugged the code  within less time are given more importance
  • The appropriate code with less changes in the original code is given more importance

Q.How to register?
    For non-nitw participants :: your id proof of attending this fest enough for participation.
    For nitw students :: id card.
Q.Do we need to carry laptops?
      Only if you are selected for round 2.
Q. Can a team have members from different colleges?
   Students from different college can form a team.
Q. How many people can be there in one team? 
One team can have maximum of 2 members.