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Minimum Members: 1   Maximum Members: 3

     “We must all face choice between what is right and what is easy.”
Do you want to be the most powerful wizard ever lived? This is the chance to conquer all
the quests to become the chosen one.
If you have die hard love for either deciphering complicated codes or solving analytical
problems or handling money then you are on the right page.
DEATHLY HALLOWS in TZ’18 is giving you the opportunity to test your wit to become the
Master of Death and win exciting prizes too.
You'll go through series of rounds deciphering, analysing and wandering the campus for
clues. Get a chance to run around and find horcruxes.
This is the right occasion to challenge yourself , test your limits and discover your
“It is our choices that show us what we truly are , far more than our abilities.”
SEE YOU SOON AT TECHNOZION’18 and it will be better than any of your past experiences.

ROUND 1: The Resurrection Stone
The first round will have two parts
In First part, participants will have to decipher and answer 7 mind-boggling riddles with a help of a
supplements manual similar to that of The Tales of Beedle the Bard with infusion of Tech.
Participants will get second chance to improve their score and come back from death in second part
by answering the QR codes stuck across the campus which are themed according to everyone's
favourite movies and TV series.

QR codes will contain following details
• Hint for next QR code location
• Trivia question based on movie/TV series
• Technical question based on Engineering departments

ROUND 2: The Invisibility Cloak
This is a head hunt to find the person with cloak of invisibility by following a trail of clues. It is a
treasure hunt where participants have to decode the clues to find the next location leading to the
cloak of invisibility.

ROUND 3 :The Elder Wand
This is analytical round to prove your worthiness to “muggle world elder wand”, that is , Money.
Participants will have to make bet on companies’ stock prices based on data and news flashes
provided. There will be 3 rounds with increasing difficulty.

• Team should be of maximum 3 Members.
• Teams can register online or on-spot before first round.
• No outside help shall be sought by the teams. Any evidence of cheating will lead to
• Team not reporting under the given time will be disqualified.
• Judges and Coordinators decision will be final. All teams shall abide it.
• Briefing for each round will be given before the commencement of each round.


ROUND 1: The Resurrection Stone
The first round will have two parts
In First part, participants will be given following points
• For each Deciphering - 20 points
• For Solving the Riddle - 20 points
The Judging criteria depends on number of riddles deciphered and answered.
In second part,
• For Identifying the location – 10 points
• For Answering the trivia question – 10 points
• For Answering the technical question – 20 points
The Judging criteria depends on number of locations solved.

ROUND 2: The Invisibility Cloak
With increase in location number the points will increase by factor of 10.
Example, Locations 1 : 10 points; Location 2: 20 points; Location 3 : 30 points and so on.
The Judging criteria depends on
• Time Factor
• Number of locations found

ROUND 3: The Elder Wand
The judging criteria will depend on the team with highest profits. In case of tie the team who made
less net loss will be the WINNER.

Q) Is it open for all years?

Ans) Yes it is open for all years.

Q) Is it necessary to come in teams of three?
Ans) No it is not mandatory to come in teams.

Q) How to register for the event?
Ans) Online registrations will be there at <> or you can register yourself
at the site of the event (On-spot registrations).

Q) Is there any registration fee?
Ans) No, it is absolutely free. Participate, ace the rounds and go back with lots of goodies!

Q) Do we need to bring a laptop?
Ans) No need to bring laptop. Just come with a pen.