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Blessy Amulya Gera
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Minimum Members: 1   Maximum Members: 2

It’s the year 2018 and Alavi’s country is striding forward in enriching uranium. As part of the VEVAK security division, Alavi is tasked with overlooking the entire nuclear plant’s electronics and network security. Steady progress is being made and the supreme leader is delighted with Alavi’s work. But one day unbeknownst to the country’s top scientists the nuclear turbines shut down and are determined to be dysfunctional. There is no indication as to how or why it happened, but Alavi suspects that the Mossad is behind it. Before the Supreme leader orders his execution you must help Alavi debug the electronic systems and find out who is truly pulling the strings from behind.

The event has 3 rounds which tests your circuit debugging skills.

In this round, 15 general aptitude and 15 simple electronics related questions will be given.
Time: 30 minutes.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of electronics.

 In this round, a total of 15 questions will be given. Among these, 10 questions related to electronics and 5 questions related to a video displayed to them will be given.
Time: 45 minutes.

 Participants selected to this round will be given a hardware circuit, either digital or analog. Faults in the circuit are to be identified to get the correct output.
Time: 2 hours

  •  Every team should consist a maximum of TWO members.
  •  Every team has to register for TECHNOZION 2018.
  •  The decision of judges and event coordinators shall be treated as final.
  • Round 1 is evaluated based on the number of questions answered correctly.
  • Round 2 is evaluated based on the time taken and the approach of the students to arrive at a particular solution.
  • Round 3 is based on the output, efficiency and the time taken to solve the problem.

1. Is there any registration fee for the event?
Ans: No

2. Are spot registrations available?