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Once upon a time, there lived a wire called Taara in the land of Vighnan. Taara had tremendous knowledge and kept to herself most of the time. The others thought she was weird and complicated, while some were afraid of the knowledge she possessed. Taara was very upset about this and wanted to show everyone that she is just like everyone else, they just needed some time to get to know her. Thus began her journey of bringing together those like her-resistors,capacitors and more, befriending people, making them see how much fun they could be, which led to the formation of Electronova. A place where learning and fun co-existed. So, your search for this place ends here at
Technozion, my friend. Is Electronics just a boring subject you mug up for your exams? Are you tired of the boring theory and your hands are itching to do something fun with all the different concepts and terms you have learnt till now? Fear not, you have come to the right place- Electronova ,where knowledge meets fun! Savour all that you have learnt and put it to test, with a touch of common sense of course. Solve quirky riddles on electronics, hunt for electrical components and set the wheels of innovation into motion with basic resources. 

DURATION: First 2 days of Technozion.

This event consists of three rounds:

Round 1: Participants (a group of 2 or 3 people) will have to answer an interesting set of questions designed to test their basic knowledge about electronics and of course, common sense. The answers to the questions have to be written on the sheet of paper provided by us.

Round 2: Participants who cleared round 1 will get to go on this exhilarating hunt for desired electronic components around the campus which they will ultimately need for final round. They have to search for clues, answer questions related to electronics at each checkpost to acquire an electronic component and find the next clue. The teams qualifying for the next round will be selected based on the time they took to complete the hunt and their final score.

Round 3: It’s a surprise! Make it though the first two rounds, collect the components from treasure hunt and we will be waiting for you with a task using those,to oil those rusty brains. (Hint: Arduino is quite trending these days!).


1.Each question will be shown to the teams on the projector for a certain time limit (ranging from 1 min to 5 mins) depending on its difficulty level.
2. No devices such as mobile phones are allowed for finding the answers of questions asked. Any team caught using such devices will be instantly disqualified.


1. No devices such as mobile phones are allowed for finding the answers of questions asked at checkposts.
2. Teams caught taking help from others will be disqualified.

3. Points will be added for each clue found by you and, if in case your team is unable to answer the question posed by us, the clue will still be given to you but some points will be deducted from your score.

1.Do we need to carry any laptops as such?
Ans: You will be requiring a laptop for the third round. For the first two rounds, everything will be provided by us.

2.Do we need to carry any stationary?
Ans: Do carry your own pens for the first round. But in case you don’t have them, we will provide them.

3.What is the judging criteria for each round?
Ans: You will be informed about the judging criteria and rules before the event begins.

4.What are the prerequisites for this event?
Ans: The first two rounds will test your basic electronics knowledge and the third round will be testing your knowledge of circuits and Arduino.

For timings and further details, you can checkout our Facebook page and contact us through it or the
details provided. Stay tuned to Technozion’18!