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Sajjala Ravi Teja
Pratheek Medipally

Elenchos- echoing isn’t it? Well, get ready for the roar ; the roar of gaming in VR. The roar of racing cars clashing right there and
the roar of your creativity. A brand new attraction with a brand new theme. This time it isn't about your fingers controlling, it is
you being there, as the protagonist.

P. S : Wildcard treats available as lives. Never free though.

Round 1: Virtual Reality gaming part 1:

The game would be there and this time it is no fictitious character moving around. It is you and your game. Enter the unrealistic world and squash out the real game. Your winning in this round will promote you to the further rounds.

Judging criteria: Entirely based on the proceeding of the game.


Round 2: Virtual Reality gaming part 2: 

This feels a continuation to the prior round, doesn’t it? Blind guesses go wrong sometimes, and now they did. A VR game for sure it is, but a level above. Similar to the increasing levels of a general game, the toughness of these games too would increase with each passing round.

Judging criteria: Everything as the game decides.


Round 3: Crash the curve :

All you see before your eyes is a remote controller, a curve and a car. What to do? Move the glass through the curve with the car, but, don’t let the water spill out! Once the water moves out, your chance ends there.

Judging criteria: The one with the lesser timing would be the first choice.


Round 4: Clash the cars:

The cars and scrap will be there with you and keep them same or change, the interest is all yours. Clash out and stand among them all, move on to the next round.

Judging criteria: The one which stays longer on the field, is the one that would be chosen first.


Round 5: VR, the last endeavor:

The toughest and the last level of the VR gaming, wherein the tasks aren’t as easy as you think, but easier if you keep the control well. The one last hurdle you cross to soar high in the leaderboard.


P.S: The lives you take can be used at any phase.