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1.Grab The Light 

This is a type of event in which several led lights with different colour will blink on breadboard with the help of aurdino and the participant will have to stop the  light of particular colour,which will be given earlier.

Entry: 100 virtual bucks

Prize: 250 virtual bucks

2.Texting Championship

A unique and interesting event , “A texting championship” testing speed and accuracy . This event will draw large audience because everyone texts these days.

Eligibility and criteria :

In this , participant have to write one given paragraph and time will be noted , he will be awarded virtual bucks according to his time (Time range in which he falls) and for every error , some specific bucks will be deducted .

                Entry : 100 virtual bucks


                0-30 sec – 400 bucks

                30-45sec – 300 bucks

                45-60 sec – 150 bucks

3.Light the candle

In this game , participant have to light a fixed number of candles with just one matchstick. Amount of candles to be lighten will be decided on basis of their luck. Player has to pick up a chit from a bowl, and the number written on it will be the amount of candles they have to light.

Entry : 150 Virtual bucks

Prize : 300 Virtual bucks

4.Solve the rebus

Rebus quiz , in which participant have to identify exact word by seeing the picture giving some hint about it.

Entry : 100 Virtual bucks

Prize: 200 Virtual bucks

5.Open Circuit

Participant have to cross a conducting ring through a zig zag conducting wire without touching that ring to the wire through out. If that ring gets touched than the circuit will get completed and bulb glows and he loses.

Entry :  150 Virtual bucks

Prize: 300 Virtual bucks


In this game, there will be a tub of water and some brinjals. Brinjals are light in weight and will float on water. the players will be provided with some thumb pins. The have  to plug the pins on brinjals with only one hand. (the brinjal must be floating and player is not allowed to dip his hand in water). Now whenever they will try to do this the brinjal will go inside water and so they can't plug it. Therewill be a time limit of 45 seconds and they have to plug atleast 12 brinjals to win.

Entry : 100 Virtual bucks

Prize: 300 Virtual bucks

7. Close the circuit

Participant have to throw a metallic ring on one pole and pole will be connected to an incomplete circuit. If the ring falls directly on the pole the circuit will be completed and a buzzer or light will get on and the team will win.

Entry: 100 Virtual bucks

Prize:300 virtual bucks

8. A-Maze

There will be a puzzle , in which a participant have to cross the given maze with remote control car in given time , with atmost accuracy .

Entry: 100 Virtual bucks

Prize:300 virtual bucks

• Participants are supposed to register in teams of two and every participant will be charged Rs. 30.

• Every team on registration will be given 1000 virtual bucks.

• The participants are to use the given money to participate in various games organised within the proposed event.

• Every game will have an entry ticket which is to be paid in virtual money.

• If a team wins, they will be given prize in the form of virtual money.

• On the last day i.e., third day top contenders having higher virtual bucks will be given exciting prizes.