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Ashish raj
Sai Manasa

This Technozion, we introduce you to the Nao (pronounced now) robot, the most widely used humanoid robot for academic purposes worldwide. Nao is an autonomous, programmable humanoid Robot. Its humanoid shape and body movements give it life and make it a truly endearing companion. NAO is among the world's leading and most widely used robots for education, healthcare, and research. NAO robots can walk, talk, listen to you, and even recognize your face. 

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have two hands. Robohand was hence created to help restore the superpowers of humans who are missing the fingers from their hand.

Witness the marvel of four autonomous fingers and a thumb doing the same task that only your own flesh and blood can do. This technozion, witness the science behing the Robo Hands.

Fritz is a robotic head, with moving eyes and jaw, but also (in the advanced version available) eyelids, eyebrows, lips and moving neck.  Fritz is great fun, but also a great educational tool. Fritz can even be a way to study the psychology of human expression and emotion. For more experienced users, Fritz is a good way to break into human emotion mimicry robotics.  The computer software and the Arduino
firmware will be an open source and can be modified