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Minimum Members: 1   Maximum Members: 2

Round 1: General aptitude test (includes questions on basic genetics)
Round 2:

Part-A: Identifying the genetically related ones from the pictures displayed.
Part –B: If a pair is matched correctly, a hint for crossword will be displayed
(Hints and crossword are related to genetics)

Round 3: Treasure hunt

Scientific names of trees and plants in the campus will be written on a board and are placed near the respective tree premises .Participants will be asked to take a tour around the campus for 20 min and get a basic idea about the trees and their locations .Using the scientific names and location of trees as clues, treasure has to be discovered .

1. Participants who qualified round 1 will be promoted to round 2
2. For round 2, participation should be in teams of two for which they will be given choice to choose their partner
3.  Those who fill maximum number of words correctly in the crossword will be selected for the third round .
4. In the third round which discovers the treasure will be the winning team , while the second team will be a runner up

1) Does it require in depth knowledge  about  genetics?
Basic knowledge about genetics and biology would do.

   2) Do we have to form a team prior to the event ?
     You can ,but don’t worry  if you are unable to, we will      assign  you a team.