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Minimum Members: 1   Maximum Members: 4

Prizes Worth: INR 50,000

We are lucky enough to be born in era where hovercrafts are a thing, there is no other such vehicle as stylish, royal, thrilling to be rode on. Technozion brings to us an event of a lifetime, maybe you have watched in movies an adventurous ride on Hovercraft by the protagonist, now its time to witness in the real miniature world with your own model!!

Prove it to win it!

With your hovercrafts ready on the start line, it is time to test the best master slave pair. Can you command your machine to travel over the difficult terrain we have set for it in the minimum time possible? We challenge not only your craftsmanship with your handmade craft, but also your controlling skills as both of them are put to test in this electrifying competition.

Problem statement:

Build a wireless remote controlled hovercraft (air cushion vehicle) which travels on various terrains like sand, mud, water, gravel and concrete and complete the specified track in the least possible time.


This is just an example of arena, it can be changed by event managers as per suitability.

Event details:

The event will be held during Technozion 2018. The details are as enumerated below:

The event conduction will consist of two phases:


1. Event presentation

This will be held 2 to 3 weeks prior to the main event. During this presentation participants will be made aware of the general trends being followed in the model of hovercraft designing, suitable material being used, the appropriate power system that could be used and their availability in the local market. Some of the models and their functioning will also be showcased to the participants, so as the participants acquire proper design aspects involved in building of a model.


2. Main event

The event consist of the three levels as described below:-


This will be a knockout round; teams have to complete the specified track (Two laps) successfully. Teams that clear the knockout stage will move to the next round.


There will be two non-consecutively-laps in this round. The Least time without being disqualified, will be considered for final scoring.

The participants will be given time to make any small changes to their hovercraft if required.


In the final round the teams who are qualified in two rounds have to attend one more test where a hovercraft should reach the destination specified without deviating from the path (plain terrain) and also without any break in the least amount of time.


The limits to the dimensions are-

  • Length: 50 to 80 cm’s
  • Breadth: 30 to 40 cm’s
  • Height: no restriction
  • Maximum number of participants per team is 4
  • Frequency of the wireless remote control is  2.4Ghz
  • Ready to use kits and readymade building kits are strictly prohibited.
  • Participants will be given time slots for practice before the event.
  • No limitation on the number of motors or type of motors or servos used.
  • During the event only one member per team is allowed to run the hovercraft.
  • The arena is subject to changes during the event depending on level of participation.
  • Event coordinators reserve the exclusive rights to disqualify any team indulging in misbehavior.


Judging Criteria:

Round 1:

Teams have to make their way to the top-15 best lap time. The lap time will be calculated as follows:

Lap time= t + 2*n

Where t is actual time taken to complete the track.

n is no. of times the hovercraft is realigned on the track.

Round 2 and Round 3:

The first to cross the finish line wins. The decision of the event coordinators will be bounding in case of any conflicts.

Penalty Criteria:

In Case of crossing the track boundaries or got stuck somewhere middle of the track, hovercraft has to be moved back to previous crossed check-point.


Q:About how much does all this cost?
A:  It  depends upon your model and commodities used.

Q:What kind and size of props did you use?
A: Use a small helicopter blade and for lift it was a three bladed 5X3  to get the right props look on the specs for the motors.

Some Useful Sites:

*       www.model-hovercraft.com

*       www.john-tom.com

*       www.gohover.com