Humanoid Robotics

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Amarnath Reddy
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Ever Imagine a friend made by you who can walk , dance , talk & Play ??

In this workshop , you will learn detailed emphasis on kinematics , simulation , design & development of Humanoid Robot.
Servo motors will be responsible for the movement of the robot, controlled by Arduino Uno mirco-controller.

Code your own Humanoid Robot.

It's a two day workshop on 28th & 29th of September.

Day 1: 10 AM to 12:30 PM and 2 PM to 5PM.

Day 2: 9 AM to 12 PM and 2 PM to 5 PM.

Day 1:
Session 1:

Introductory & Theoretical session

  •  Introduction to Robotics.
  •  Robots and Law of Robots.
  •  Future aspects.
  •  Need of Microcontrollers in Autonomous Robots.
  •  Different parts of Robot.
  •  Wide description about Microcontrollers.
  •  Wide description about Atmega8 Memory organization in microcontrollers.
  •  Input & Output peripherals in Microcontrollers.
  •  Resisters in Microcontrollers.
  •  Programming of Microcontrollers.

Session 2:

  •  Kits Distribution
  •  Softwares Installation
  •  Practical session
  •  Introduction of Arduino
  •  Input / Outputs of Arduino
  •  Interfacings of peripherals.
  •  Output devices interfacings.

 Practical 1: Programming for LED interfacings with Arduino.
 Practical 2: Different modes of LED blinking.


Day 2:
Session 3 :

  •  Motor Interfacing
  • Types of motors
  • Actuators to be used in Robots.
  • Wide description about Servo Motor
  • Interfacing of Servo Motor with Arduino

 Practical 3: Controlling different angles of servo motors
 Practical 4: Development of structure of Robotic Leg
 Project 1: Development of a Robotic Leg.

Session 4 :

  • Humanoid Structure
  • Body Parts of the Robot
  •  Joints and Lengths calculations
  •  Dimensions and curves
  •  Clamps and their fitting

 Project2: Humanoid Structure Development
 Humanoid Structure Development Continued…
 Testing of all the Joints and Rotation of all motor angles

  •  Each participant will be getting a certificate.
  •  Top Performers will get a chance to compete at Utkraanti (National level championship) in association with - Aakaar IIT Bombay. 
  • The complete hands-on session will be provided.
  • Live Project Demonstration of a Humanoid robot will be provided like Walking, Dancing, Split etc.
  • The company might select a few participants for an internship.
  • No prerequisites required.
  • Students need to carry their laptop(minimum one laptop in a group of 5 participants).
  • Participants will be provided the following items for partical demonstration: One Servo motor ,One Arduino uno ,connecting wires, IR Sensor , Breadboard, LEDs, Resistance.