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Minimum Members: 2   Maximum Members: 3

Inventrix is all about building elementary innovative and efficient power circuits intellectually using the constraints which can be gained through gratification .The main motto of the event is to make the participants learn /showcase something new through the event in a enthusiastic way using their innovative minds.

Vexed of all classes.... Want to showcase your hidden talent.. Here comes tz with an exciting opportunity We as a part of tz conducting an event which acts like a platform as a challenge to your logical & creative mind...
You guys are going to bet with us on your talent & apply your tricks on circuits to make those circuits which will be friendly in our daily life...
So peeps come as a team with your friends to make the best friendly circuit and much more to make time to appear gaze within seconds

It is going to be held on the three days of technozion.


1)Don't be late for any round ,you have to report at least 15 minutes before the start of any round.
2)Don't misplace the circuit elements provided to you intentionally or unintentionally.
3)You have to report in a team of 2 or team of 3.
4) Bring calculator for the round 2 it may help you.
5)You can use your internet only in 3b round and not in any other round .
6)Incase of any disputes the results given by the panel members will stand.

Inventrix contain 3 rounds.
Round 1 Aptitude test.
Questions will be given on electrical and aptitude.
25 teams will be selected after round 1.

Round 2 Bidding
Contestants will be given equal amount of money and they have to bid for resistances and fill them in the given slots, after bidding for resistances the money remaining with them will be their voltage source and teams will be judged based on
power dissipation through resistors. 10 teams will be selected after round 2.

Round 3 Practical questions and Circuit Designing
Teams have to answer the questions which will be based on either real life issues or technical ideas 5 teams will be selected after round 3a.

Each team will be asked to choose a box (priority will be decided based on results of
3a) and each box will contain different elements and with each box teams some hints and basic ideas but team can innovate and make something unique and based on product made
Top 3 teams will be selected and given prizes


4 marks will be awarded for each correct answer and for each wrong answer you will be given -1.In case of tie time will be the criteria for tie breaking. 25 teams will be qualified.

Round 2:

Top 10 teams with maximum power dissipation will be promoted to the next round and in case of tie we will be asking tie breaker questions to resolve the tie

Round 3:

This round will be conducted in two stages and 5 teams out of 10 from first stage 3a will be moved to the next stage 3b and in this round for each correct answer some point will be awarded and for each wrong answer you will get -2 Now in 3b stage based on your performance in 3a you will be given priority to chose the box and finally you will be judged on the model or circuit you made and it's innovation and real life application.Top 3 teams will be selected

Is it open all branches?
Yes it is open for all branches of all years.


What is the entry fee?
There is no entry fee


Will the event be conducted on all 3 days?
Yes 1 round per day


Should we know subject deeply to participate?
No basic knowledge of electrical is enough,but practical knowledge helps out.