Jonitha Gandhi

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K.V.Narendra Reddy

Remember the vibes you used to get when you saw Anushka Sharma celebrate her story through 'THE BREAK UP SONG' in Ae Dil Hae Mushkil which made you to kick your heel off the ground atleast once ?
Were'nt you all lost in the trauma wjen ' LAG JAA GAALE ' from Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster- 3 ran through your ears ?
What about 'TU TU HAI WOHI'  The Unwind Mix which needs no introduction or the YEVEVO' song from Hello Movie which was one of the most melodious songs of Tollywood or the MENTAL MADHILO' from OK Bangaram which made all the youth go crazy !!
Now imagine the voice behind these super hits  performing Live in your arena ?? EXCITED ??  YES ,this time TECHNOZION brings to you the finest voice behind many superhit albums,the most wanted cover singer on YouTube JONITHA GANDHI , the talent  who was appreciated with the lead female role in A R Rahman's 'RAUNAQ' . So don't miss your chance to experience the dazzling beats and energetic voices  with your friends on this TECHNOZION !Hurry up register soon !!!