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Did you ever think that you can light a lamp using lemon or potato? Expect the unexpected things from resources around you. For those who wants to put up their ideas into practice, LUMOS is a perfect platform. Come, design your own battery using simple biochemical sources like lemon or potato that generates enough electricity to lighten up LEDs to win the event. Let there be light.

                                           Designing a biochemical cell using voltage generating sources of biochemical nature like lemon, potato etc.

There would be 2 rounds:-

Round 1: Basic aptitude test.
Mostly objective type questions with few descriptive ones analysing logic and reasoning skills with 2 sections.

SECTION A: General analytical and aptitude based questions in objective format.
SECTION B: Questions testing your basic biological know-how regarding preparation of biochemical cells.

Round 2: The core practical round.
Biochemical sources and other relevant things will be provided on spot. Analyze, organize and assemble them to light the LEDs (Green/Red). Maximum of six materials will be provided like galvanized iron nails, connecting wires and elements for cathodes & anodes.

NOTE: Every round will have a time limit.

  • Only biochemical sources are allowed.
  • Capacitors, external voltage sources and amplification devices are strictly prohibited.
  • Ready to make kits are not allowed.
  • More than 2 members cannot be accommodated in a team.
  • Maximum of 6 voltage generating sources are only allowed
  • Design of the cell.
  • Number of LEDs lit.
  • Time taken
  • Relative assessment in case of TIE. (in any of the rounds)
  • Maximum voltage produced

Q: Does the participant require to be from Biotechnology background?
      A: No, you need to have just the knowledge to how a cell can be prepared from biochemical cell. 

Q: What biological knowledge is required?
A: Basic idea about biochemical sources, their properties, usage in our day-to day life and their technical/practical usage on industrial level may prove beneficial.

Q: What are RED/GREEN LED's?
A: They are very basic 5mm LED's with a red lens. It has a typical forward voltage of 2.0V and a rated forward current of 20mA. Similarly the Green ones.

Q: In judging criteria: What does the design of cell imply? Does the judgment criterion depend on design of the cell or no. of LED lighted?
A: The design of the cell should be effective & judging criteria depends on both type of voltage generating source used and how many LED's they lighten up. 

Q: Do we have to prepare the bio-chemical cell in front of the event mangers and judge or it can be prepared before-hand?
A: Yes, you need to prepare the cell in front of the judge with the things provided in a given time. 

Q: Are the materials provided by Event managers or we shall bring the material?
A: The materials listed above are provided by the event managers including the voltage generating source, mentioned in the First round (aptitude round).